Elite Psp Gamers
please register to see the hacks! enjoy!!!!
Elite Psp Gamers
please register to see the hacks! enjoy!!!!
Elite Psp Gamers
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Elite Psp Gamers

Psp Gamers
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 Elite psp gamerz rules

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PostSubject: Elite psp gamerz rules   Elite psp gamerz rules EmptyMon Sep 27, 2010 5:59 pm

1. There will be NO spamming of any type. You will be banned. Except in spam Section
2. There will be NO harassing or flaming other members anywhere on the site.
3. Do NOT advertise your site here by private messaging or in other ways.
4. Any member caught uploading or linking malicious software ie., trojans, viruses, spywares, RATS, keyloggers, cookie stealers, and etc., will be premanently banned from the site.
5. Any user attempting to "hack" or deface the site WILL be ban permanently.
6. All files posted here are USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are not responsible for ANYTHING contained in the software.
7. NO hate remarks will be tolerated anywhere on this forum ie., racist, sexist, religious insults, etc.
8. There will be NO pornographic material posted anywhere on this forum. If it can't be on regular T.V. it can't be here.
9. If there is not a spot to post then ask if you post any ways you will be banned it takes a lot to keep a site.

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Elite psp gamerz rules
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