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 Sky Flash runner

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Sky Flash runner Empty
PostSubject: Sky Flash runner   Sky Flash runner EmptySun Oct 17, 2010 8:53 am

#!!----(Skyflahsrunner , Hz 15)----

#SkyFlashRunner Airfield/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x01339310 0x01020344
0x01339508 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Mt Vill Night/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x01368600 0x01020344
0x013687F8 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Beachhead/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x013108A0 0x01020344
0x01310A98 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Mt Vill Day/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x0131C5E0 0x01020344
0x0131C7D8 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Italy City/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x013827D0 0x01020344
0x013829C8 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Neth St/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x013A47E0 0x01020344
0x013A49D8 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Neth City/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x0134F130 0x01020344
0x0134F328 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Mt Vill Day/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x01379490 0x01020344
0x01379688 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner B Ranch/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x0130AEF0 0x01020344
0x0130B0E8 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner B Foerst/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x0138C548 0x40400000
0x0138C350 0x01020344

#SkyFlashRunner B Castle/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x013B68B8 0x40400000
0x013B66C0 0x01020344

#SkyFlashRunner B River Day/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x013204B0 0x01020344
0x013206A8 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner B river Night/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x01352790 0x01020344
0x01352988 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Hol Bridge Dusk/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x01344BB0 0x01020344
0x01344DA8 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Hol Bridge Rain/DM
;by RTCFlash
0x0135DE40 0x01020344
0x0135E038 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Mt Vill Night/BATT
;by RTCFlash
0x01370118 0x40400000
0x0136FF20 0x01020344

#SkyFlashRunner B Ranch/BATT
;by RTCFlash
0x01303A10 0x01020344
0x01303C08 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner B Castle/DEM
;by RTCFlash
0x013CF548 0x40400000
0x013CF350 0x01020344

#SkyFlashRunner Beach/DEM
;by RTCFlash
0x0131BD08 0x40400000
0x0131BB10 0x01020344

#SkyFlashRunner Airfield /DEM
;by RTCFlash
0x0133EEC0 0x01020344
0x0133F0B8 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Hol B Dusk/DOM
;by RTCFlash
0x0134C4F0 0x01020344
0x0134C6E8 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Neth City/DOM
;by RTCFlash
0x013567A0 0x01020344
0x01356998 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Italy City/DOM
;by RTCFlash
0x01389BA0 0x01020344
0x01389D98 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Neth St/INF
;by RTCFlash
0x013a6ed8 0x40400000
0x013a6ce0 0x01020345

#SkyFlashRunner H Bridge Rain/ HTL
;by RTCFlash
0x01360cc0 0x01020344
0x01360eb8 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner B River Night /HTL
;by RTCFlash
0x01356c30 0x01020344
0x01356e28 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner B Forest/ INF
;by RTCFlash
0x0138f800 0x01020344
0x0138f9f8 0x40400000

#SkyFlashRunner Mt Vill Day/ INF
;by RTCFlash
0x0131ff20 0x01020344
0x01320118 0x40400000
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Sky Flash runner
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